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Karma: Soul Growth

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

It is all about learning and evolving.

Karma is not a punishment. It is a chance to repair our actions.”

Per Edgar Cayce, famous psychic, karma is

a memory returning to be met and healed.

And he said that the gift of our free will is

the way to engage karma, to heal it and transform it.

Metaphysically speaking, what is good,

results in feelings of oneness and togetherness,

while evil results in a sense of separation and loneliness.

In Quantum Hypnosis what we perceive through the sessions,

what matters, it is how we react to our issues/problems,

it will also determine our level of consciousness.

When we accept responsibility of our past actions,

we start to generate a different karma, a different destiny,

generating a new concept: the idea that we can repair our actions.

It is all about learning and evolving.

Pain and suffering appear when we refuse to accept our responsibility

to help those we have harmed in a previous life.

We are responsible for our suffering as for our happiness.

If the offense to others is answered with another offense,

a major offense will occur, and so on.

It is all about correcting and repairing the effects of any past actions.

Karma is not a punishment. It is a chance to repair our actions.

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