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Frequent Asked Questions


What  it  is  QHPath  ?
QHPath uses a holistic approach in hypnosis.
It uses a combination of tools to
understand and support the healing of
current symptoms of emotional,
mental,  physical and energetic issues.
Sometimes it is simply a matter of discovering
the past origins of the issue. 
It is also used as an exercise in
observing memories from your subconscious mind, 
providing support to overcome issues;
and for navigating into a deep state of consciousness 
for spiritual and soul growth.
Hypnosis has the power to enter deeply and directly
into the subconscious mind to heal painful emotional patterns,
negative core beliefs and discover
untapped resources of inner power.

Is Hypnosis safe ?
Yes, completely safe.
Hypnosis is a non-intrusive therapy where you are always in control.
The hypnotic state or trance is more like a vivid daydream, like reading a book,
using your imagination, watching a movie, etc, where you remain in control.
A hypnotic trance or altered state is where something
you wouldn't normally consider to be real starts to feel as 'if' it is.
Morals and ethics remain intact, as does your sense of privacy.
All hypnosis or trance state is self-induced.

What is trance or altered state ?
Trance or an altered state is where something we wouldn't normally
consider to be real, starts to feel 'as if' it is real.
Examples are when reading a book, watching a movie, daydreaming,
memories, meditating, doing a sport,
when creating something (art, writing, etc).
Your are so focused on what you are doing, that you loose time and space. 

What if I cannot be hypnotized ?
We all can be hypnotized. You can enter in an altered state by just watching a movie.
We bring up memories from your subconscious mind (past and present life).
Try to remember a happy memory when 
you were young. Now, focus on your emotions and all the senses in your body.
You are reviving that memory.
That is an altered state.

Do I need to believe in reincarnation ?
No. Beliefs are not necessary or being in any religion. It does not matter whether a hypnotist or a client believe in reincarnation or not.
This technique is widely used by even the most conservative
and scientifically inclined therapists.
Because it works regardless of your beliefs. 

Will I remember everything ?
Some people seem to remember bits and pieces, but rarely the entire experience.
The audio of your session will be recorded for you to listen as many times you need.
Reviewing your process will help you gaining the wisdom and insights
from it more deeply. It's just as important as experiencing it.

Will I lose control of what I say or do
during a session ?

No, because you're always in control.
You never lose it.
At the end of the session, you may feel that you've never
been hypnotized, because you were aware of everything that
was happening. People tend to have the wrong idea of
what an altered state is.
If you feel in any way not safe, not ready to revisit 
certain memory, 
your subconscious mind will not go into.

Can Hypnotherapy heal me ?
We believe as the mind heals the body, the body heals the mind.
All healing is self-healing.
You may go back many years or several lifetimes,
in order to access lessons from your past and
observe a pattern of behavior to find a way to resolve it.
Bringing those memories to conscious awareness is only
the beginning of the process.
You'll be able to find the root of your issue 
to actually make the right changes in your life
through hypnosis therapy
and accelerate the healing process, 
in conjunction with appropriate medical treatment, if applicable.
The information below is not meant to diagnose or treat any illness,
just to give an idea how emotional distress
may be expressed in our physical body.
For example: 
You may find out  that your obesity is rooted in a strong desire
to build a physical barrier to isolate and/or protect yourself from danger.
It may also originate from a traumatic experience of malnutrition
or starvation in a former life.
You may find out that your addiction is a lack of self-love.
Gratification by addictions may come from deprivation or fear of loss
in a previous life. People may have an all consuming urge
to make sure they have enough this time around.
Lack of genuine relationships. Lack of love in general.
Also, you may find that your anxiety is an indicator of a lack of
trust in one's own abilities. Often a deeply ingrained belief about
not having enough resources, love, food and so on.
You may find out that the throat or nose issues you have
may indicative of a death by drowning, guillotine, have your throat cut, 
suffocation or strangulation in a previous life.
Lying, holding back true emotions and inability to express emotions
may be an indicative too.
You may find out that your depression (without any identifiable cause)
may be rotted by a traumatic loss or experience that you may still carry
this imprint and emotional language. And continuing to feel helpless and hopeless
even though you may not have any apparent reason for it right now.
Your root issue may be different from those ones mentioned above.
There are different memories, emotions and core beliefs stored in our body.
To find out yours, book a session.  

What is the Higher Self or Higher Soul?
It is a higher version of yourself.
The soul is a spiritual energy with consciousness.
It is a being of divine intelligence, divine love and divine power.
Imagine that you have a pitcher of water.
The water in the pitcher represents the higher soul or higher self,
which is spiritual energy with consciousness.
In order to grow and evolve, the higher soul extends a portion
of itself down to the lower worlds.
Now, imagine that you pour the water to an empty cup.
The cup symbolizes the body, and the water symbolizes the incarnated soul.
The higher soul and the incarnated soul are interconnected.
At the same time, they are one.
Your higher self knows everything about you and your other lives.

What is the difference between
Past Life Regression Therapy,

Introspective Hypnosis or

Quantum Healing Hypnosis  ?
Past Life Regression Therapy and Introspective Hypnosis 
use many therapeutic tools to address your issues in deep trance.
Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis -BQH-
or Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy -QHHT-
takes you to a deep level of consciousness exploration.

How many sessions do I need ?
Most people need from one to three, or to five sessions.
But actually it is up to you, up to your needs.

Depends also on how open minded you are and

how ready to release old energies and unhealthy patterns.

It is about readiness and openness.

What is the best way to approach my session ?
Approach it with an open mind and with no expectations.

How can I book a session? How can I pay?
Start your journey with a free consultation.

Let's make sure this approach is what you need.

You can book it in many ways:


by email :
By phone call, text or WhatsApp to 407.573.5155

You can pay your sessions online

by debit/credit card, ApplePay or Paypal.



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