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A holistic approach

to spiritual guidance

 Leads you to a re-creation

of yourself into an evolved,

enlightened and awakened version 

by transforming your

limited beliefs into

healthier ones, more attuned, 

and balanced to who you truly are. 

It is designed to provide personalized

guidance and support as you

navigate the profound and transformative

journey of self-discovery and 

spiritual awakening.

Through an expanded state of

consciousness, our intuitive spiritual mentor

connects to your subconscious mind, 

your Higher-Self, your Spiritual Guides

and High Frequency Realms

for guidance, deep understanding and

awareness of your path. 

This approach is called an

Intuitive Quantum Healing reading.

We address any emotional or 

energetic blocks you may 

encounter in your journey, 

guiding you through shadow work

and helping you heal and transform.

The result, you'll experience reality

in a whole different way,

by being positive, compassionate

and resilient.

Because you'll understand

how reality works,

and the importance of being

Authentically You, 

Following your Passion 

and Acting on your Purpose.


The Spiritual Path Mentorship

is also suited for those who 

are empathic or sensitive to nearby energies,

do not like or cannot be under hypnosis.

Also, an excellent complement

for your holistic hypnosis sessions.

Book yours easily online.

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Integrates   Several   Modalities

 - Intuitive Spiritual Guidance.

- Intuitive Quantum Healing.

- Channeling and connecting your Higher Self,
Spiritual Guides & Subconscious Mind.  

- Connecting with loved ones that crossed over.

- Aura Clearing, energy healing and chakra balance
in the ethereal plane.

- Memories stored in the energetic body
that are creating issues in the physical body.

- Past-Lives that are affecting you.

- Meaning of mystical experiences and/or 
recurrent dreams.

- Life's purpose & lessons.

- Spirit releasement.

- And more.


Bring all questions about yourself 
that you've always wanted to know 
the answers to.

Example: life's purpose and lessons, root cause of undesired behaviors, mystical situations, recurrent dreams, spiritual connections, manifestation issues, blockages, past-lives, future-lives, chakras energy states, physical issues, etc.

Ready to take the next step
on your spiritual
and /or personal journey?

Book a Spiritual Path Mentorship
session easily online.

Questions? Contact us!

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Spiritual Path




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There are No Guarantees of specific outcomes or experiences.
The Spiritual Path Mentorship session is for
motivational, inspirational, encouraging purposes,
and spiritual/personal growth.
It is NOT a substitute for professional medical
or psychological advice or treatment.

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