Holistic Hypnosis


QHPath (Quantum Healing Path)

QHPath uses a holistic approach in hypnosis.

Provides support at the whole person,

 the mind, the body and the spiritual wellbeing.

It is focused upon the metaphysical,

spiritual, emotional and energetic

components of consciousness exploration.

 It aims on releasing oppressed energy

created by trauma or any stressful situation

we have experienced.

Change is facilitated from within yourself.

Hypnosis has the power to enter deeply

into the subconscious mind

to heal painful emotional patterns,

negative beliefs and discover

untapped resources of inner power.

QHPath connects mind, body and soul

helping you achieve your wellbeing.

The approach

I base my sessions on are:

Past-Life Regression Therapy

(Regression Therapy)

BQH - Beyond Quantum Healing

(Focus on expansion of consciousness)

IH- Introspective Hypnosis

(Focus on psychosomatic symptoms)

PH- Pranic Healing

(energy healing)

Usui Reiki Master

(energy healing)

Our psychosomatic symptoms

(physical symptoms that are caused

by psychological or emotional factors)

are a synthesis of

a stressful experience or trauma; 

a memory associated 

with an emotional burden

without being processed properly.

It will become a blockage,

a fear or inability to do certain things, etc.

For our subconscious mind, 

time does not exist,

so, we may be re-living that experience 

when is triggered at our present moment.

Examples are phobias, fears, anxiety, etc.

Those past traumatic experiences

could be from past lives or

from this present life.


Emotions and thoughts create

a positive or negative energy field,

and we irradiate it all around us.

When we hold very strong emotions

or thoughts for long time,

we could create physical and/or 

mental diseases, pain, etc; by 

concentrating its energy

in any organ or

other part of the body.

Our chakras (energy centers)

are power stations, and they 

have physical and psychological functions,

and they also affected by our emotions,

thoughts and habits.

 It is not a requisite to believe

in past lives, or have any special

or no religion at all. It doesn't matter.

As a hypnosis practitioner

what it is real for your subconscious mind

is real to us, and we treat it as such, 

because it is affecting your life.

Past Life Regression, Holistic Hypnotherapy

or Quantum Healing Hypnosis

are different ways to name the same approach,

but different techniques.

It means it doesn't follow

the typical clinical hypnosis model.

There are many myths surrounding hypnosis, 

like people may act against their will

or reveal private information.

Well, it is not true. 

The hypnotic state is like a deep meditation state,

you are awake and aware of everything.

It is like watching a movie, 

daydreaming, reading, etc.

You are always in control. 

When in an hypnotic trance,

you are in a relaxed and focused state,

and through visualization,

 your senses and emotions

you will go to that guided moment

to address what is needed.


Each experience is unique to the individual

and limitless in its scope.

With the expansion of consciousness,

more than just Past Lives

are available to experience.

You may experience Future Lives,

Parallel Lives, Lives on Other Planets,

Lives in other Dimensions.

Also, you may encounter events

related to your current life

that will have a special meaning to your situation.


Your Subconscious mind will lead the session,

I'll be only the navigator.

Your Higher Self  or Your Subconscious

will show you the most appropriate

information for your current life to know.


   Benefits of Holistic Hypnosis

  • Finding root causes for negative patterns/core beliefs.

  • Guidance by your Higher Self and Spiritual Guides.

  • Overcoming fears. 

  • Weight management. Improve self-image.

  • Sleep Improvement.

  • Stimulate and expand your creativity. 

  • Support the healing of the physical, energetic and emotional body.

  • Increase your self-confidence and Self-Control.

  • Manage situational stress and painful relationships.

  • Spiritual development.

  • Oppressed energy release.

  • Spirit releasement therapy.

  • Energy Attachments (spirit, emotional, thought).

  • Find and expand your Inner Healing Power.

  • And more.

I invite you to click on my Blog or my videos

to learn more about it.

There are so many fascinating stories !

Much Love,


Lila J. Cabral Acosta

Holistic Hypnotherapist