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Holistic Hypnotherapy


QHPath (Quantum Healing Path)

uses a holistic approach in hypnosis.

Provides support at the whole person,

 the mind, the body and the spiritual being.


QHPath is an interactive process

that uses a special collection of techniques

for healing painful emotional patterns,

negative core beliefs and 

discover untapped resources

of inner power.

 Change is facilitated from within yourself,

creating new pathways in your brain.

Hypnosis has the power to enter deeply

into the subconscious mind

and find out the root of your issues,

that could have been

originated in this lifetime

or a previous one.

It guides you to

 explore and resolve

your presenting problem.

The Signature Series leads you to 

a recreation of Yourself

into your highest version.

Experiencing your passion and

following your purpose in life. 

You'll understand how reality works.

Discover the New You 

when you're aligned to

who you truly are,

your authentic self. 

Consciously connect with 

your Higher Self or Higher Mind

for guidance and inspiration.

The result, you'll experience reality

in a whole different way,

by being positive, compassionate

and resilient.

Because you understand

how reality works and

 the importance of being You,

following your passion

and acting on your purpose.


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Color Stain

A Holistic approach in hypnosis
provides support at the whole person, 
Mind Body & Spirit.
 - Inner Child Rescue and Inner Family
(childhood trauma)
- Emotional Healing
(anxiety, phobias, anger, confidence, etc)
- Negative Core Beliefs Clearance 
(mental limitations)
- Exploration of the Meaning of Illness. 
Somatic Healing.

(traumatic memories/emotions in physical body)
- Meet and work with your Guides and Higher Self
- Listen to all your subpersonalities.
Parts therapy

(inner voices) (behavioral change)
- Achieve your healthy weight
(compulsive eating, metabolic program to be fat)
- Quit Smoking or addictive behavior
 - Past-Lives, contracts and relationships 
- Contacting Past Life creative abilities
- Contrast of Past-Lives (ex: rich-poor)

- Find guidance from the highest version of 
your Future Self
- Pre Conception Contract before birth.
- Spirit releasement

(spirit attachments)
- Life inside the womb
- Experience the highest version of yourself
Find your life purpose & passion
- Align with your true-self
- Conscious connection with your Higher-Self


We can help with more issues than
the ones described above.

Book a Free Consultation to find out if 
holistic hypnosis is a good fit for you.


Lila Cabral Acosta, Cht

Holistic Hypnotherapist

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