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How Past Life Stories Shape Our Present. Includes a transcript of a past-life regression session.

Updated: Jun 21

Have you ever experienced a moment when a particular smell, sound, or place seemed strangely familiar, even though you've never encountered it in this lifetime? It's as if a memory, not entirely your own, flickers at the edge of your consciousness. Could these be glimpses of past lives? And if so, how do these echoes of previous existences affect our mental and physical well-being today?

Welcome to the fascinating world of past life stories and their uncanny influence on our present selves.

The Mystery of Past Lives

Many cultures around the world believe in the concept of past lives, where our souls cycle through different bodies and experiences over countless lifetimes. But whether you believe in reincarnation or not, the stories of past lives have a unique way of seeping into our current reality.

The Mental Maze

Imagine this: you're terrified of water. The mere sight of a swimming pool sends your heart racing, and you have no logical explanation for it. Perhaps, in a past life, you met a watery demise, and that fear carried over to this life. Our subconscious mind is a powerful entity, and it can hold onto these old memories, influencing our fears, phobias, and even our personality traits.

These subconscious memories can create beliefs and behaviors that seem irrational. You might find yourself inexplicably drawn to certain places, people, or activities, or conversely, have an aversion to others. It's like having a ghost whispering in your ear, nudging you in directions that align with a life you can't consciously remember.

The Physical Toll

But it's not just our minds that bear the marks of past lives; our bodies can too. Some people experienced birthmarks that correspond to wounds from their previous existences. Others experience chronic pain or ailments that don't have a clear medical cause but might be linked to traumas from their past lives. It's as if our bodies carry a record of our soul's journey, manifesting old injuries and conditions anew.

Finding Balance

So, what can we do about these remnants of past lives? Awareness is the first step. Understanding that some of our fears, beliefs, and physical issues might stem from another life can be liberating. It allows us to approach them with curiosity and compassion, rather than frustration or confusion.

Many people find their answers to many questions in past life regression therapy. Just by uncovering and understanding these memories, they can begin to heal the wounds carried over into their current life. Even if you don't fully believe in past lives, this type of therapy can be a powerful tool for exploring your subconscious mind and resolving deep-seated issues.

Embracing the Journey

Whether or not you believe in past lives, the stories we carry within us, from wherever they originate, shape our present reality in profound ways. By acknowledging these hidden influences, we can start to untangle the web of our mental and physical experiences, leading to a more balanced and harmonious life.

So next time you feel an inexplicable fear, a sudden connection, or a phantom pain, consider this: maybe, just maybe, it's a whisper from your soul's long and winding journey through time. Embrace the mystery, and let it guide you towards understanding and healing. After all, we're all just travelers on this fascinating path of existence, carrying with us the connection of lives lived long ago.

Transcript of a QHPath holistic hypnosis session

This transcript shows parts of a hypnosis session that wasn't meant to be a past-life one, but the root cause of the client's issues to explore in the session, such as hatred, powerlessness, hopelessness, doubts, emotional numbness, and gut/intestinal issues, were discovered to originate there. This transcript serves as a powerful example of how past life memories can manifest in our current lives, affecting us in ways we might not even realize.

The hypnotic techniques are not shown in the transcript.

Fear and doubt issues

I should describe first, that we call a 'part' (part of the self), in a representative or symbolic way, to give a body or life (using our imagination) to emotions, perceptions, parts of the body, thoughts, etc. Anything that we need to disassociate from, to be able to have a conversation with. In this case, it's a past-life personification.

There is a part in the session we ask the subconscious mind questions, that the client created at home, to find those answers that always wanted to know.

Hypnotist: (the client's name) have some questions for her subconscious mind. Is that ok, subconscious, if we ask you some questions?

Client: Yes

Hypnotist: she asks: why had I always carried so much fear and doubt in myself?

Client: (silence)

Hypnotist: is that ok if we invite that part of (client's name) that it is feeling that fear and doubts. What does this part look like?

Client: danger

H: what is dangerous for this part?

C: people

H: why people is dangerous?

C: hatred

H: what happened to this part to believe that people is dangerous and feel hatred?

C: war

H: what happened in that war?

C: Hitler and concentration camps

H: how old this part feels like?

C: twenties

H: how is this story affecting the life of (client's name)

C: treating people like they're not humans, hating for no reason

H: what is the client doing because of this?

C: surviving

H: what is the client not doing because she is surviving

C: feeling

H: what was the purpose or lesson of that life? experiencing hatred, and a concentration camp?

C: your soul is beyond the physical

H: Did this part learn that lesson?

C: yes

H: Part, if you were to have those ones who hurt you in front of you, what would you say or ask to them, that you couldn't say or ask before?

C: (the part ask to those one who hurt her) what did you learn from this experience? did you learn your lesson?

C: (those one who hurt her, responded) Pain. And yes.

H: Part, did they answer your question?

C: Yes


H: Now that you know that you are beyond the physical. What would you say to them that you couldn't say before?

C: I have power

H: How does it feel to have power, part? sometimes (client's name) feels powerless.

C: Confidence

H: Now that you have your power back, your confidence and your soul is beyond physical, what message would you have for (client's name) that she feels surviving, numb and hard to feel emotions.

C: Limitless

H: Yes, that she has no limits, she is free. Now I wonder if this part can share with the client the feeling of empowerment, confidence and freedom?

C: Yes


H: (client's name) where would you like to store it in your body? this empowerment, confidence and freedom?

C: In my abdomen

H: Perfect! place it there and expand it to your entire body. Allow every part, every organ, every cell and particle in your body to feel it too. (Client's name) if you were to allow yourself to feel it, how would that feel for you? how would you experience it?

C: Strength and health

H: From now on, every time that you feel sick, or feel like you are surviving, or you feel numb, you will remember this strength and health that you have within you, now and always. Then, you'll touch your stomach and you'll feel this empowerment and freedom. Now, expand it to your entire body. You are limitless, strong, healthy and confident. You choose to bring that version of you that it is empowered, limitless, confident and healthy to your everyday life.


Intestines/Stomach issues

H: Subconscious, is it ok if we invite the part of (client's name) that represents the intestines, that are suffering, to be there?

C: Yes

H: Can you describe this part?

C: Sore

H: What is the message that the intestines wants to convey to her?

C: Imbalance

H: What is the belief that is creating this imbalance?

C: Powerless and hopelessness

H: Intestines, where this belief comes from? when was the first time the client was feeling like that?

C: In pregnancy, feeling out of control

H: When was the first time, you intestines, felt out of control?

C: Fear of dying

H: Let's invite the part of the client that fears dying, feel hopeless, powerless and out of control

C: In another life

H: Subconscious, can you show us that life?

C: The one in the concentration camp

H: If you were to feel it in your body, where would you feel it?

C: In my stomach

H: How all this is affecting the life of (client's name)? What is she doing because of this?

C: She fears

H: What is she Not doing because of this?

C: Experiencing joy

H: Part, what was happening at the worst moment of fear of dying?

C: Gunshots

H: Then..

C: She fell

H: Did she die?

C: No

H: Lets go to a moment where this part is taking her last breath. what is happening? what are the first impressions?

C: No more fear

H: What does she thinks about dying now that she has experienced it?

C: A transition


H: What would you say to the intestines and the stomach that were feeling powerless, imbalanced, out of control, hopeless?

C: Don't fear. Heal. Release the hurt.


The client, at the end of the session felt lighter, positive and amazed for the experience. All she experienced in the session were related to that past life in the concentration camp. There are many stories as this one.

Are you curious to know your stories? Contact us.

If you are wondering if certain beliefs, behaviors or diseases are rooted in a past life, book a free virtual consultation to learn more:


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