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Energetic Daily Hygiene - Do we need one ?

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

Well, to me, clearing my energy is just as important as brushing my teeth or taking a shower.

A basic hygiene routine that I need to do daily. Especially if I interact with other people.

As an empath, you feel and most likely take on other people’s energies, which can be quite draining! Your senses may also be quite enhanced, so your perception of life can be overwhelming. Just a trip to the mall or going out with friends can be exhausting.

All living things have an energy field, and how we interact with this energy determines the quality of that vital life force that flows internally and externally.

Have you ever found yourself exhausted after just one outing or after a trip to the supermarket ?

Well, if you have — you’re not crazy! It’s perfectly normal for empaths to feel this way. It’s just the way we are. However, if you manage your energy wisely you can function really well and even get the benefits of your gift!

Empath or not empath, everyone should do an energetic daily hygiene.

So, let’s get to it!

1- SALT BATHS + SCRUBS — It’s not a secret that salt absorbs negative energy, and from my personal experience — it does help! You can use Himalayan salt or non-iodized sea salt in your bathwater, combined with essential oils of choice, and do it whenever you feel you need a cleanse. Otherwise, you use salt scrubs in the shower to clear residue energy you feel on your body (you do feel it, trust me). Some ideas are combining sea salt with olive oil or coconut oil. Whatever you like, mix it together and add essential oils of your choice. You’ll feel the difference. If you have a chance to swim in the ocean that is even better!

2- CLEANSING SHOWER — Again, water is super cleansing so I like to use it to clear my energy while cleaning my physical body. I visualize water washing away all the energy that isn’t mine and all that I no longer wish to hold on to. You can also visualize a color — white, golden or violet — would be my choice, but I suggest you play with this and do whatever works for you. I suggest saying an invocation or prayer.

3- SPEND TIME IN NATURE — Whenever you can, hug a tree, meditate in the park or simply have a walk to regenerate. Trees have a beautiful energy that can help you feel better and prana (qi) is more pure in nature. I also found that gardening helps too, as you get the energy back from earth. So, you are cleansing and receiving new energy at the same time!

4- SMUDGING — For smudging, you can use palo santo, sage, or incense sticks like lavender, sandalwood, or other of choice. I personally use Frankincense as I love the scent and how it makes me feel. When I feel I have taken on a lot of negative energy I need to smudge myself from head to toe. I suggest you do it intuitively as you can’t really go wrong. I do upright or circular movements and work through my chakras. I suggest saying an invocation or prayer.

5- SWEEPING — Imagine you had some dust on your coat and you wanted to sweep it off. This is exactly the same movement! Sweep off negative energy downwards towards the ground. You might feel residue on your hands after sweeping so make sure to wash hands with cold water and sea salt or Himalayan salt, after you do it.

6- VISUALIZATION — Similar to the visualization in the shower, sit in meditation and visualize sitting in your favorite place in nature, imagine washing away everything that is stuck in your body by sending it down to the center of the Earth, from your basic chakra (1st). When finished, start absorbing from your basic chakra, all the energy that Mother's Earth has for you, balancing and nurturing you.

The breathing is very important while doing it, make sure that you inhale slowly for seven counts. Hold for one count. Exhale slowly for seven counts. Hold for one count.

Then, imagine absorbing from your crown chakra the energy of the golden Sun, energizing you.

After that, visualize both energies bonding together at the solar or heart chakra, and spread it all over your body. Now, you're balanced and energized. This will also help with grounding, which I also recommend to help you feel balanced. Meditation in general helps!

7- THOUGHTS - Be aware about your thoughts and feelings. They're closely interconnected with each other because both involves an emotional process. We'll call it a 'thought form' or 'thought entity'. A thought form can be a vague one or strong one, positive or negative, depending on the thoughts or emotions of a person. Anger creates a negative thought form (and strong one), while compassion creates a positive thought form. Those thoughts forms stays in our energetic field, and depending on how strong they are, we can radiate it everywhere we go. That is your energy field irradiating happiness to everyone and everywhere you go, or you can irradiate anger to everyone and everywhere. Empaths are the most affected by other people's energetic field.

Clear your 'thoughts forms' by meditation and/or using 'OM' mantra cd, and practicing daily energetic hygiene.

8- REMOVING AN ENERGETIC CORD - We become connected to everyone we interact with throughout the day by energetic cords. If those interactions were negative, stressful, or thought-consuming, those cords can pull at us for a long time after the interaction and leave us feeling sad, anxious, and/or energetically drained. Also, we can also still be bound by cords from old relationships. If you still find yourself thinking about old friends, partners, bosses, co-workers than is probably normal and feeling sad, stressed, or drained when you do, chances are you haven’t fully remove the cords from them yet.

9- NON-REACTION - When a person gets angry and you do not react, you will notice that he will get even angrier. The angry energy that has been directed to you bounces back to him and he becomes more imbalanced. This is called the 'boomerang effect'.

By not responding to another person's provocation, you remain detached and you are not affected. But the moment you react, you become vulnerable to negative thoughts which can penetrate you. This is why remaining neutral or being in a positive state is extremely important.

10- HIGH VIBRATION/EMOTIONS - You're best protection is a state of high vibration made by your high or elevated emotions. No negative energy can penetrate that. You don't need a bubble of light, just high emotions. Practice mindfulness and elevated emotions, heart-centered emotion, like gratitude, joy, love, hope, etc.

Check this video by Dr Joe Dispenza on YouTube

Start practicing any of them and you'll feel the difference in your life !

Make a comment below about your experience. We'd love to know !


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