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Spiritual Healing is Emotional Healing

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

There are so many impressive stories in a Quantum Hypnosis session.

It is like reading a thick book with amazing tales of the soul evolution.

And we, practitioners, we are transformed by them.

Today, I’d like to share one of those.


A client came to me to find out about his bad stomachaches, back issues and also sometimes he felt like with lack of oxygen. He takes medicine for it, but he avoids the use of pharmaceutical products the best he can.

In his session, this past life came up as the origin of his symptoms.

Lukas was a man that lived in the past century in Vienna. He was a musician, incredible smart and very sensitive, with tons of advanced ideas. But, his peers, the musicians elite group in Vienna, they were not welcoming his new way of creating and playing music. When those in the elite group refused him, his body responded ‘with pain in his stomach’.

The world was not ready for him yet. And it wasn‘t easy to swallow.

He drowned his sadness and frustration in alcohol. He lost everything that he cared for.

He was all alone. His only friends were his friends at the bar, where they shared some drinks. But those drinks were so strong and so many, that ‘his stomach was burning’ from it. But the pain in his heart was stronger than any alcohol he could find. His only purpose in life was to find a drink.

One night he was drinking with his friends, and then, late at night they were all gone. He was all alone and nobody to share a drink with. He was mad, he couldn’t find nobody to drink with.

That night was very dark, and he was out on the streets, looking for a friend to drink with. What he found was some angry guys that kicked him all over and stabbed him in the stomach.

And right there, ‘he could feel the pain and the burning in his stomach, the lack of oxygen by the blood in his neck, the pressure on the back,' and then his heart stopped. His whole body was traumatized by this sudden incident. His life was over, but the pain in his heart was not.

At the time of his death, he looked at himself lying there, very confused, it happened so quickly.

His first thought was : “I thrown my life away". He was so upset at himself that he missed the light that came for him that night to take him with his loved ones. He couldn’t forgive himself for wasting his life. He was supposed to be a musician, but instead he drunk his life off.

Now, looking at himself from a spirit perspective, he could see what a big mistake it was.

He was angry at himself for allowing this to happened.

While in the session, I felt he was not going to forgive himself so easily, so I took Lukas to the moment when his ‘first drink’ started (due to rejection), and suggested to him to tell the younger version of himself what will happen if he continues to drink (due to rejection). He did very good. He depleted all his trapped energy expressing all his feelings and thoughts out. He told to himself everything it would happen if he continues drinking. After all was done, he was ready to forgive himself now that he had open a new possibility to change his story; who knows? maybe in another parallel life he made a different decision and he is not drinking, and he is enjoying being a musician with his loved ones. At the end, he went to the light with his wife and kids, they were waiting for him.

After the session, my client told me that he has never touched a drink, he doesn’t drink at all.

All his burning sensation in the stomach, the lack of oxygen and the back pains, now we know where they came from. My client has a better understanding about his symptoms now. And time will tell if those will go away.

For some people could be immediate relief, for others it fades away with time, and some, need to keep on working on them, because there are still emotions that hasn't been depleted yet.

In this story, it seems nothing got thrown-away. Everything has a purpose. It is amazing how we are connected with our other lives and how we affect each other. We are all one.

Self forgiveness is the most difficult to overcome. When we focused only on the bad/low emotions that are presented in us, due to how we react about certain situations, we loose perspective and we fall deep down. Our perception is key.

Let’s remember, Love is Self-Forgiveness.

When we find ourselves in those moments, let’s bring back all the good we give to everyone, and to ourselves. Focus only on the good, and make a list, place it where you see it all the time. Bring only high vibration (good emotions) to yourself, and if you focused only on that, your reality will change, because your attracting what you sow. The law of Attraction.

There is always time to start new, to create a new version of ourselves. Everyday is a new brand possibility for a new You. One day at a time, one change at a time. It would impact your life amazingly. You can start by changing your mindset. Drop off those belief systems, those mandates that tell you how things should be, how you suppose to feel and think; they're only holding you back.

Brake those patterns and a new world will emerge.

It never ends to amazed me how everything is connected.

I let you discover your perspective and your thoughts about that.

Oh! Leave a comment, I’d love to read how this story impacted you.

Thank you for reading.

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