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Rebirth Signature Series

Mastering the Art of Physical Reality

  • 7 hours 30 minutes
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Service Description

The Rebirth Signature Series contains 3 powerful transformative hypnosis sessions. Each session is up to 2.30 hrs. Rebirth Signature Series is designed to guide you on how to navigate this reality by creating experiences aligned to your purpose and who you truly are. Learn how to recreate yourself into the highest frequency version and navigate this reality as a master of the quantum field. Our beliefs and definitions creates our emotions and thoughts, through which we perceive our reality. The quality of our emotions and thoughts generates our state of being, our signature frequency at any moment we're broadcasting to the quantum field. If our reality is a projection of our consciousness, then, our frequency will reflect situations and people in our reality that match it. We cannot perceive what we are not in the frequency of. For example, when you look at yourself in a mirror, and you see a sad face, you cannot change the face in the reflection by trying to make it smile. You have to change yourself and smile to the mirror, then the reflection changes. That's how reality works. The First Session is about connecting with your True-Self, finding your purpose and passion in this life. You'll be meeting your Higher Self and asking up to 10 questions to receive guidance. You'll know the importance of the state of being, frequency, to be true to yourself and follow what excites you. We guide you through the entire process until you master it. The Second Session is about discovering those parts of the self that are not integrated, unbalanced with the true-self. Low frequency emotions (sadness, anger, etc.) are like messengers, knocking at the door letting us know we're holding a belief that is not in alignment to who we truly are. Shadow work. The Third Session is about learning techniques on how to respond when in des-alignment. Identification and des-identification. You'll create a connection with your Future Self for guidance. There is more information to these sessions, book a free virtual consultation to learn more. For more information book a free consultation online, by email, text message or phone call. We're using WhatsApp too.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to reschedule or cancel your Virtual Meeting, no problem ! Just let us know as soon as possible. You can cancel it by replying from the confirmation email received, or by text message. No questions ask. Feel free to reschedule it online with a more suitable time for you. Thank you !

Contact Details


3er Floor 7208 West Sand Lake Road suite 305, Orlando, FL, USA

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