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Limited Core Beliefs
Change from within
Past Life Regression
Physical reality
Emotional Triggers
behavior aligned to purpose
choose to become
Pain is resistance to the natural self
Change from within with hypnosis

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Abstract Background
"It started with a phone call to see if she was familiar with a particular type of work to help a friend of mine in need …. She was open, honest, informative, pleasant and truly a blessing beyond the reason of my call.
Some how we got into my gifts and she loaded me with information.. information that I needed to help me a long the way to my full potential… she was very giving and what stood out to me about her the most is her pure heart of giving regarding what I needed without asking and being willing to spend time doing it!!
Her gift is priceless because most people is the spiritual world can be kinda stingy with information because their time is precious… but when energy flows, it flows and should not be stopped…
Lila is amazing and I would trust her with
my mind body and spirit for sure!!!"
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