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Who is the Higher-Self ?

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

The Higher Self or Higher Mind is the divine eternal expression of your being.

It is your spiritual aspect in high consciousness, your true nature.

The Higher Self is not affected by limited beliefs, low frequency emotions or thoughts; because its nature is not human.

You are the human aspect, having an experience in this reality, of your Higher Self.

You are always connected to this higher aspect of you, through your intuition, your gut feeling, your sixth sense, your dreams. Imagination is the language you communicate with it.

This connection is unconscious, but you can learn how to connect consciously.

You will learn it in a holistic hypnosis session.

Connecting in a conscious way with your Higher Self will bring to your awareness a new perception in life. You'll feel more attune with your purpose, with your passion, to this journey in this reality. You'll find answers to your questions, and guidance to grow spiritually and personally.

Book a free consultation to know how a holistic approach in hypnosis can help transform your life.


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