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A Soul's Journey

The experiencing of life does not end.

It is a soul's journey through many lifetimes.

In these lifetimes we gain strengths, learning, losses, teachings, resources, etc.

We also get trauma, negative beliefs, and unfinished business.

All these, give us our sense of self-identity, our projection onto the world of relationships and interaction with life.

The Movie Theory.

We all forget that we are the directors, scriptwriters, set designers of everything in this movie, on this lifetime. We own the stage where all our misconceptions are played out. Our scenes are controlled by past events, from childhood and from other lives. It is like a trance state movie guided by attraction fields of emotions and beliefs.

The relationships that we play are an arrangement between ourselves and other souls to live out events and relationships for the opportunity for healing, learning, loving and evolving.

In another life we may have been beaten by an abusive parent and perceived that we were not loved and so we are unworthy of love, and we carry anger, self-doubt, because of that experience. We might unconsciously project our relationships as a continuation of rejection.

And we wonder 'why are always treated in such a way by others? '

What we don't see is that the 'why' question is an egoistic distraction, and all that seems to be happening, it is in fact quite fitting.

We blame others for their harm or mistreated to us. But we do not recognize that we could have a different experience from those people, but we only see the one created in this movie.

It is not 'he did it to me'. It is rather, 'I am doing this to myself because of some unhealed emotion and egocentric belief from some other experience on my soul'.

True healing is not found by trying to control an emotional and mental conflict with cognitive or behavioral modification of the rational mind. Nor can be healed chemically, as the brain is a reflection of the mind.

There are many ways of healing, and one of them is the realization of the trauma and bringing into the Inner Resources, or Higher Self, or Spiritual Teachers. Then, the movie is changed, the script is rewritten, not by the rational mind, but by the Self.

Imagine you have 300 lives going on all at the same time with many themes of learning and growing, all coordinated by the Soul. Some of them have unfinished business, themes of learning that are still open. Some of these themes may be considered to be 'bleeding through' into this life, affecting us in our present.

If we don't like what was on the screen at the theater, would you go and tear up the screen ?

It would be like manipulating our world, right? But we could instead, recognize who is actually in charge of the projection booth and replace the film, and then enjoy a new movie.

Our reality and relationships could shift through the healing of our soul.

Our reality is a reflection of our inner essence.

Shift your reality by healing your soul by QHPath Soul Therapy.

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