T H E    Q H Path   S E S S I O N

Free Consultation

We get to know each other a little bit.

We will talk about the intention of

your session,

the changes you want to achieve,

your expectations and 

 your list of questions to

your subconscious mind.

Also, we will dissipate

your doubts and concerns.


You are going to experience

a deep relaxed state,

theta brain waves,

that will allow you to access your

memories and images,

like in a dream or when you are using

your imagination.

Regression / Interactive Process

This is the main part

of the session.

We will work on what

you would like to achieve or change.

We may explore a regression,

past lives, or the origin of 

psychosomatic symptoms

(whenever it may be originated,

present or past life).

We'll find the root cause of your issue.

Your Subconscious mind

will show you the most appropriate

situations related to your problem, 

for you to work on

that present moment.

Connection to your Higher Self

The Higher Self or Subconscious mind

can provide you with all the answers

and guidance you need.

Your subconscious mind

will choose to share information

that is only in your best interest

at the time. Also, you can 

meet your spiritual guides

and connect with them

on a daily basis. They teach you

how to do it in your session.

Clear Quartz Crystal Healing Cave

- only QHP or EQHP Session -

I will take you to a very special,

through the quantum consciousness,

to the Clear Quartz Crystal Healing Cave.

It is a very powerful and energetic place,

entirely made of quartz crystal.

There, we will scan your body and aura

to work on what is needed.

We will give voice to your physical symptoms,

and /or any part of your body, listening

to the memories that holds,

heal those memories

and 'that part' gives you advice too.

Also, in this cave, we will balance and

energize your chakras.

Your energetic body will be in balance

and in harmony.

You will witness the transformation

that took over your energetic body.

You'll see the colors of your aura

before and after.

This is my favorite session.

Post  Session

We will spend some time talking

about all the information received.

I may give you some exercises 

to do on your own pace,

to support your transformation

and your journey.

Also, we will be talking about

your next session.

It is my hope that your experience

will bring a realization

of a greater peace and understanding,

which brings self-love,

forgiveness and compassion.

You will receive a recording

of your session, so you can listen

and/or watch at any time.

Do so a few times after your session,

it will bring more clarity

and deeper understanding.


On one of your subsequent sessions

I'll teach you how to do self-hypnosis.

Self-Hypnosis is a process of concentrating,

focusing at will in a goal-directed way.

It is a fantastic tool to help you 

motivate yourself, learn new skills easily,

be more creative, increase confidence,

self-love, forgiveness of a situation/person, 

connect with your guides and higher self.

With self-hypnosis you can 

access high states of consciousness,

allowing you to explore it and

also meet with your

guides/higher self.

Online Session

  Due to COV19 pandemic, all sessions

are online through Zoom platform.

You are a Soul

having a Human experience.