How to protect yourself energetically in 3 easy steps.

Have you ever walked into a workplace and felt intense anxiety come over you? or walked into a room and known that someone is not in a good mood? or had a conversation and walked away feeling that the other person had sucked all your energy out of you? Well, this is what you need to protect yourself from, weird vibes or low energy that you don't have to be affected by, and is not your responsibility. You can choose not to take on weird vibes.

You'll see, it is not that hard to protect yourself, only 3 easy steps.

There is a difference between shielding yourself and protecting yourself energetically. And It is important to know the difference.

The shields are thoughts that come from fears, where you think you can be hurt. For example, you are going to a reunion and you know that could happen a volatile situation, so you prepare yourself to be hurt and you may create a light bubble covering yourself. But shields usually attracts more drama, because it was created by fear. The law of attraction.

Energetic protection, is about claiming your space and acting in your wholeness. It is about welcoming divine energy into your energy field so that you don't take on any unwanted energy from people you love, or work with, places you're exposed to or even situations you've read or heard about in the news or web.

With energetic protection you just declare that you aren't taking on the heaviness of a situation so you can work with your own light. By doing this, you clear any fear based shields you have and create new ones that are formed purely from Divine love.


Cleanse your energy of any leftover vibes that aren't serving you.

You can imagine sacred light or fire energy coming from Mother Earth and burning (fire) or dissolving (light) away any unwanted energy that is attached to you. As it touches the fear-based energy, it transforms it from fear to love.

Another technique is to cut the cords of energy that are holding you back or are attached to your energy field by saying a prayer or an affirmation with that intention.

Remember, intention is the direction of your request, and energy (believing) is the force or power of your request.


Affirmations are about harnessing your present positivity or your current state of goodness. It is like claiming your wholeness by declaring that you are in control, you choose the goodness that is already there in you.

The trick is that when you are saying the affirmation, you feel it, you become it.

Your high emotions are your best protection.

You can create your own affirmations, but here are some examples:

'I am the keeper of my mind and body. I choose to create happiness. I love and accept myself.

Everything is working out for me. The Divine light is shining through me. I am Divine light and love. I shine my love and light everywhere I go. '


Now, we are going to lock in the goodness. We create a protective armour, an indestructible protective suit that will keep you safe in mind, body and spirit: light armour.

What would you like it to look like? you can take some time to meditate on creating it. The most creative ideas comes through meditation. Your armour is about feeling safe and standing in your own light, your own power.

Use your imagination to create something that feels right to you, and make sure the protective light surrounds your whole body in all directions . For example, see yourself wearing : a powerful shining light armour, an archangel armour with a sword, an ascended master shining robe, or as a goddess cloak with sparkling crystals. What would you like to wear today? You can even create a different one each day.

Choosing to put on your light armour is an act of self-love. It is a conscious decision to wrap yourself in light and keep any stray energy at bay.

You can start your day like this:

Cleanse: visualize Mother Earth dissolving all you heavy and negative energy.

Affirm: 'I shine my divine light and love everywhere I go'

Dress: ' I'll wear my archangel armour with a sword that would cut all weird vibes around me'

Create it, Feel it and Become it. Spread your Divine light, kindness and love everywhere your go.

It is a powerful and easy technique that you can do it easily and quickly shift your vibes.

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